Adventure 1995 Dos Dosbox Acclaim Movie style Crime investigation Puzzle Horror

Average adventure and puzzle game

It's an action adventure game where the adventure is supported by a puzzle solving and role playing like gameplay. The plot is that there have been some killings at a hospital in the night and the person behind the killings is supposed to be the director who has locked himself in the hospital and has also made some hostages so that the police cannot enter the building. Now your role in the game will be that of the daughter of the doctor and you will go there to solve the mystery and to save your father in case he is innocent. The gameplay basically involves puzzle solving where you have inventory based puzzles. There are around four disc in the game and each disc must be solved in around 30 minutes. There is no option for saving which is a bit frustrating for the gamers. You will be using your pocket watch to keep a control check on time which is limited in all the puzzles that you have to solve. The game has good graphics and a fine interface but the theme and the puzzle styles are very common and have been seen in many other games in this genre. It can have multiple endings which is an interesting thing for the gamers but overall it is an average game because it does not give you anything new. For more variety, you should probably try Crime Patrol 2.

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