Indiana Jones and the Fountain of Youth

Adventure 2006 Windows Screen 7 Movie style Crime investigation Point and click

First-rate fan-made Indy tribute

Fans of the classic Indiana Jones adventures from the Lucasarts stable, like Fate of Atlantis, are the ones who will get the most out of this fan-made tribute to the legendary movie hero but anyone who likes a good quest should also enjoy it. It weaves a complex tale that is entirely in keeping with Indy's previous adventures and marries it to a similar point-and-click interface as seen in previous games to create a surprisingly polished and decent game. As the name suggests, Indy is on the trail of the lost Fountain of Youth but as usual, there are other parties out to seek its power for their own nefarious purposes. The journey takes Indy and his friend, including fan favourite Marcus Brody, across the globe from the burning deserts of Egypt to the paradise of Bimini in a tale that is packed with all the twists and turns we've come to expect and love. Considering its fan-made nature, the Fountain of Youth is a surprisingly polished and detailed piece of work. The main is the story, which is complex, exciting and incredibly authentic in that it feels like a genuine Indy adventure and which could easily be made into a movie. The puzzles too are of a great standard, following closely in the footsteps of the Lucasarts games, while the visuals are equally as impressive, with lots of atmospheric environments to explore and nice chunky sprites. If quibbles are to be had, the interface is not quite as streamlined as it might be and is occasionally awkward, but to be honest it's a pretty minor detraction from what is a first-rate adventure.

Fan made, but well executed adventure

Indiana Jones and the Fountain of Youth was supposed to be a game that took the story of the movie with the same name and put it in front of our eyes, for us to interact with it and to have a blast from the past. Partly, the small teams managed to bring the game to a point where it's neither a must play, nor a game you'll hate, that is, if you love the classical, Sierra age adventure games. Surely, I would have opted for a more streamlined user interface, forgo the classic bulky command interface, you know, the give, pick up, use, open, close, push, etc. roaster of commands. But then again, that was one goal of the developers, to actually recreate the feel of the older Indiana games as exactly as possible. However, thankfully, the graphics are a much more updated version of the ones used in the original games, more colorful, more vibrant and thankfully, just as full of personality. Thus, overall, the entire game has that great oldschool feel about it, and that's really a great asset of the game, for the lovers of pure oldschool adventure game.

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