Legend of the North: Konung

Adventure 1999 Windows 1C Company Tales and legends

Decent but unspectacular experience

This in an intriguing Russian-made RPG/adventure that while not without its faults, certainly provides a decent enough experience for those prepared to give it a whirl. It's slightly similar to Jagged Alliance 2 in some respects but also manages to create a personality of its own and which is helped by its interesting setting and detail. It's set in Scandinavia and revolves around three heroes trying to save the world by combining parts of a mystical amulet. However, in a slight twists on this kind of thing, they aren't necessarily working together all the time and which affects the way the story unfolds. You get to choose from the three heroes, with your selection altering your starting position and how other in-game characters perceive you. One of your goals in the game is to take over towns which can be through conquering them or by completing quests, in traditional RPG fashion and once you own the town, you can then start to build on it, adding marketplaces and such-like to aid your progress. You'll also find other characters joining your party at various points to help out with combat, which is quite fun but let down by its rather chaotic and confusing nature and which is one of the game's many annoying flaws. Others include the wobbly AI of your party members who often wander off or behave randomly, the fact that the story is overly familiar and the way that it feels incomplete and rushed, for example with written descriptions that just stop halfway through. On the plus side though, the visuals are quite strong in an old-school kind of way, while hardcore RPG fans will enjoy the detailed stats and options available. Konung is certainly not a classic game but if you do fancy something a little unusual and obscure, it's worth a look, although casual gamers need not apply.

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