LEGO Batman: The Videogame

Adventure 2008 Windows Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment Action Platformer Action adventure

Batman to the rescue

Following on from the massive success of other LEGO-themed licenses like Star Wars and Indiana Jones, this is another gloriously silly romp that isn't afraid to poke fun at its inspiration while still remaining respectful. It doesn't differ that much from earlier games in this style but it remains an enjoyable game which Batman fans should really dig. The storyline finds a whole raft of classic villains having escaped from Arkham and who are now running wild through the streets of Gotham, causing mayhem. The first half of the game sees you in control of both Batman and Robin as they explore the city, duffing up the bad guys and hunting out secrets, making use of gadgets, and even taking to some iconic vehicles. The second half switches the focus to the villains so you get to see things from their perspective. The game is mostly focused on the action side of things but there are some minor puzzles to complete and which require clever use of the characters' skills and which add to the fun. Batman sticks very much to the template laid down by earlier games but it doesn't overly suffer from doing so as it is simply so much fun. The gameplay isn't exactly overly complex or deep but it's rarely less than enjoyable thanks to the mix of action, exploration, and puzzling. LEGO Gotham is a wonderful creation that is always fascinating to roam around, thanks to the splendid visual design which is highly imaginative and atmospheric. The controls are intuitive and responsive and really, this is a top notch use of the Batman license.

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