LEGO Island

Action 1997 Windows Mindscape Car and action Unconventional

Build 'em up

One of the earlier LEGO titles, this was undeniably an innovative experience back in the day but which hasn't aged all that well, so if you don't want your memories shattered, you might not want to take this trip down memory lane. The game is basically an action adventure for younger gamers where you get to explore a Lego-fied island and engage in various activities. There is a storyline here, which finds the Brickster who likes to dismantle Lego buildings, and as you explore, you get one step closer to putting him in jail. As you travel around, you find various Lego vehicles which you can put together and then use them to further explore and to take part in various races that are located in certain spots. There are five characters to play as, although they don't really make much difference to the overall gameplay, while there a handful of activities besides the racing to keep you entertained as well as a few bits of pointles frippery, like listening to the radio. LEGO Island is certainly an easy going game which doesn't feature any stressful situations, so it's a good one for taking at your own pace. The activities are certainly fun, if simple, for younger gamers, while the writing and characters are top notch and really bring the world to life. However, the game hasn't dated well and it does look very basic now, while the controls are rather frustrating and annoying. The Brickster chase is also a letdown, with some poor AI and a few other issues which ruin the entertainment. All in all, not an awful game just not one that stands up as well as it once did.

Roam freely on Lego Island

LEGO Island is the prime example of how a game of Lego's should be implemented into a videogame. Created by Mindscape, the game is essentially a free roaming action adventure game with many things to do and a lot of things to customize old Lego style. The game offers some sort of miniplot in the game involving a criminal known as The Brickster. In the game you can do various missions, like delivering pizza, participating in racing and so on. You can also edit the layout of the island and create custom object with the classic Lego pieces. If you build a helicopter and do a pizza delivery, you can trigger the miniplot of the game, causing the criminal to break free. But after re-capturing him, the game does not end there and will let you to continue freely on the island. The graphics of the game are quite good, the same as we saw in other Lego games, like Lego Racer. However, you may realise that the music is not quite original and has been taken from those games. All in all, Lego Island is a beautifully implemented game and any fans of Lego may find it enjoyable.

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