LEGO Creator

Simulation 1998 Windows Dice Multi Media Europe B.V. Design Tool

Build a world with nothing but LEGO bricks!

LEGO Creator is a sort of sandbox world creation tool but also, to a certain degree a level creator. Thus, you are never quite sure what to make of it, but if you have a love for Lego bricks but not really the time, money and patience to amass your own collection, this game can be a nice substitute for that passion. Just like any city builder game, say like Sim City, you have your world which can be levels and created as you see fit. Then it's time to erect buildings, populate it with Lego brick inhabitants and see any of your dreams come true. What the game lacks is a sense of scope. For instance, Minecraft embeds its initial tutorial and its purposes in the learning of mining bricks and building structures, but LEGO Creator is not as clear on the goals. At any rate, if you like sandbox world creators and Lego, there is no reason why you can't have a blast with this game. It's, after all, a question of personal taste: do you want your game to have a strict set of rules, or would you rather just experiment? That's the question that this game poses and it is you who will answer, should you chose to take on the challenge. But, if you do, the colorful bricks and the cute Lego creatures will most definitely make an impression!

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