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Crazy Lego game

After the success of the toys, LEGO tried to leap into the video game business and had its share of excellent and bad games. The most famous of the Lego games, and probably the best, has gotta be LEGO Racer. But what about LEGO Loco? Unfortunately, it falls in the bad attempts category. Even though it's intended for children, the game is a huge disappointment. The game is mostly like a sandbox creation game, where you build a town and a railroad system and basically that's it. While it might have been fun if it tried to head to the SimCity style of gameplay, it even tried to be like a part of Transport Tycoon. But these two games are way better and more fun. The graphics barely resembles anything that's from the LEGO universe and that's a huge issue for me. If you're trying to make a game that doesn't look like LEGO then don't call it LEGO!! There's no music at all and the sound mostly will put you to sleep. All in all, LEGO Loco had the promise to be a good LEGO game, but it failed miserably and just doesn't any attention at all.

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