The Simpsons: Hit & Run

Action 2003 Windows Vivendi Universal Games Cartoon Humorous Car and action 3D action adventure

Have a great time with your favourite Simpsons wackos!

Here an action game that can't be missed by the true fans of the animated series! The Simpsons is in my opinion one of the craziest TV series of all time, and I am sure there is no person in this world that haven't seen at least one episode (that implies some stupid and funny adventures made by some more idiotic characters), and not like it. You can choose to play any of the Simpsons, in your mission to unravel several mysteries that took over Springfield. The gameplay is inspired from GTA. Your fun tasks involve exploring many attractive locations in the city, meeting lots of crazy people, controlling and chasing cars, grabbing coins, ... . As you progress, you can unlock various rewards, and these achievements are gained by solving missions. If you possess great dexterity and agility, an eagle eye and if you pay attention on what appears on the screen, being ready for new missions, then you are likely to complete successfully this game. The decor is extremely similar and faithful to the one in the animated series, and those that are familiar to the environment will have a big surprise! So, play this game to forget about stress, and to have a great time full of laughs with your favourite Simpsons wacko characters!

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