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Official digitization of the original boardgame

This version of Monopoly, produced by Leisure Genius recreates in full detail the original board game of the same name. Thus, if you want to play classic, vanilla Monopoly on your PC, with no other additional content or with some other rules that change how the game was intended to be played, this one is the best version to try. Naturally, a lot of the game has been left to the computer; each dice roll is automated, so you will only focus on your strategy and your current purchase, sale, or other specific action that the game permits. Graphically, the game is produced in 2D exclusively, with nice yet minimal animations and with a tile set representing the money, the players and the additional cards that are very much similar to those of the original game that was sold in shelves. The commands are all keyboard bound, but they are kept clear, but reading the manual just so you know them precisely is also a good thing to do. Another great Monopoly version is Monopoly (Edition 3D) which is also very similar to the original game, but adds a 3D board that can be rotated if you care to look at it from different angles.

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