Shanghai II: Dragon's Eye

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Rummy like tabletop, a great time waster type game

If you likes Solitaire type experience but want something a little bit more engaging, then this game here will surely satisfy you! It is a really well produced tabletop in which you have to match tiles, though, as you'd imagine there is a twist to it. Yep, you also have to match consecutive suits of three or four chips, which takes some imagination and thinking ahead. In terms of game modes, Shangai 2 has quite a few of those as well: it has your average no time constraints mode, it has a time counted game type and also a countdown type of game. All modes will also give you points and all three of them offer you high scores ranking. Since the first game in the series the graphics have evolved quite a bit, and thus, Shangai 2 is a cleaner, generally a more well polished game, one that you will most likely keep on your hard for a bit, if the premise of the game will entice you enough. So, yeah, play it, it's smarter than Solitaire and more fun than Minesweeper, which is just nice and well suited for your 5 minutes break minigame session!

Loved the gameplay

It is a strategy based puzzle game which involves tiles matching gameplay which has been seen in its predecessor and other games. However the playing dynamics are a bit different in this one and they make this game quite distinct and addictive. You have to remove mahjong tiles in different pairs and patterns. You have a verity of 8 different tile sets which involve a different strategy and you have to be very good in understanding the patterns and the strategy needed. There are around 12 patterns which are basically based on animals of Chinese style zodiac. The good feature which i really like about the game is the patterns editor which allows you to edit and build patterns. The game has different modes of gameplay which includes the Dragon eye variant. So you can say that it is rich in terms of the variety that its gives and the strategy based puzzles that it has. In terms of the graphic, it is fairly moderate but is really good in terms of its brilliant A1. The user interface here is also very good because it allows you to grip the gameplay easily. Its predecessor Shangai has also been liked by gamers all over the world.

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