Space Monopoly

Puzzle 2001 Windows Board games

Acquire the board game and Monopoly mix!

Space Monopoly is a cool mix of Acquire with, of course, Monopoly and, also, with a twist of its own. The original idea of this game is that you will be looking to become the best space trader and business man. The game uses a top down board, and on there, you will look to buy and be the proprietor of most of what the board offers. Each player starts with a little money, and then each one can buy shares, property or rent. There is a dose of randomness that is at the core of the game, but, nonetheless, Space Monopoly will definitely have an edge for those that plat the game more strategically. There isn't an AI opponent in the game, unfortunately, though there is a brief tutorial, but it's also the kind of game that is best played along with a friend, as the social aspect of it all cannot be denied. So, if you want an ambitious top down board game build, you should definitely have it in your collection. It won't let you down. And, also, it's got a retro vibe, for sure, in spite of it having been released in 2001. Also, it plays well on XP and higher, so that too is a plus for it.

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