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Solitaire like but with tiles

Solitile is a game that plays as a combination of Solitaire and Mahjongg with a dash of flavoring that can't be traced but is reminiscent of other western tile or token based games. However, don't expect the classic, one card at a time Microsoft Solitaire, this game shows you the tiles in larger numbers and your objective is to match them following a certain pattern. Once the entire list is matched you win and can start another game. Along with the core gameplay, the game also packs in different card tile sets, and an editor if you feel particularly creative. The original premise also turns out to be the let down of the game. Soon enough the tile matching mechanic will begin to feel a bit too demanding on the eyes, since the graphics are at the Win 3.1 level. As such, you need to play in very short bursts and to take a break if you've played for a more than just a few minutes at a time. Otherwise, this can be an ok title to play occasionally, but would think that classic old solitaire is just more convenient an fun enough to fill the occasional 5 minute break you need. But do give it a try if you're looking for a more complex though based on a similar principle kind game like Solitaire.

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