Lemmings Paintball

Puzzle 1996 Windows Psygnosis Lemmings variant Action based

Saving Lemmings via Paintballs

Lemmings Paintball is a game from the Lemmings franchise released in 1996. but is is drastically different from the original in its gameplay and. Your job is to guide one to four Lemmings through each level and their goal is to capture one or more flags that lie in some area of the map. While doing that, they are armed with paint guns and splatter paint on the enemies that stand in their way. Since Lemmings is originally a puzzle game, this game contains various puzzles, including moving platforms, lemming catapults and trampolines as a means to fulfill their objective. The Lemmings answer your every whim procede with their path even if there is danger ahead and your job is to eliminate that danger by any means you can. The soundtracks is great, the graphics also really good, and the true Lemmings fans will enjoy this game, even though it's a bit different than it's predecessors and somewhat easier. As to those who are new to the franchise, it is a question if they'll like guiding mindless little people that won't stop on thir path even they are sure to die, unless you do something about it so this is not a game for people who are not already into the whole Lemmings franchise world.

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