Lemmings Chronicles

Puzzle 1994 Dos Dosbox Psygnosis Lemmings variant

Lemings - new and improved?

This is definitely one of those "either you hate it or you love it" kinds of games where die hard fans find their favorite game completely turned upside down. Lemmings Chronicles shows that the game has changed a lot since the first Lemmings game that came out back in 1991. What are the novelties in this game? Well, firstly, the Lemmings look a lot more different than they did since they are now a lot bigger and not as attractive as before. They now have several abilities that can help you help them find their way to the exit of the level. The biggest and most different motive in the game that was added are the enemies that are actually attacking the Lemmings. Since the poor people don't have means to defend themselves, the only thing they have left is to run away and that's where you get in - you have to click like a maniac to get them out of danger. Even though this new move wasn't very popular with the local fanbase, I found it rather exhilirating and challenging. As a results, you'll have a harder time successfully beating the game. That means that you'll get to play it longer and ultimately have more fun. Oh, and what do I have to say for the game? I'm in the "love it" category. Although there are some really drastic changes, it only shows that the series is trying to think outside the box while still retaining the same quality and in my opinion they've managed to do just that.

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