Lemmings at War

Puzzle 2001 Windows chaozz@work Lemmings variant

A war themed take on the traveling Lemmings!

Lemmings at War is not an official Lemmings game but it is a creation developed by some fans that wanted to put the Lemmings to some other tasks than just making it to the exit point of the level. In fact, this game is much more similar to the Worms series in the way it is played. In it you control your team of lemmings turn based style and you shoot or launch some other war inspired chaos on your adversary Lemming tema. This 2D sidescroller war takes place in all sort of differently depicted scenarios: you'll fight atop buildings, on the ground, on top of vehicles, and so on. The main idea is that you have to take out the enemy Lemmings before they manage to wipe you out, a thing you'll manage with a good deal of tactics (knowing when to attack and when to fell, or most importantly, whom to attack first) and a bit of luck. Don't expect much graphically, as the game is done by slapping together the background elements and the interactible ones, while the mechanic and the number of weapons is rather small compared to the Worms titles. But it might be to the liking of some, and the game is free, so well, I guess you'll get your money's worth!

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