Lemmings 3

Puzzle 1995 Dos Psygnosis Lemmings variant

Lemmings, still in need of being rescued

The lemmings have always found themselves in treacherous, awful places, and so, with a little help from the part of the player, they managed to survive (in smaller or larger numbers) to see another dungeon and another challenge. At any rate, with this title they look better than ever (at least better than the anterior titles!) and they're still as clumsy as ever. The recipe is still bound to the lemmings acting as living scaffolding or as stop signs, or as left and right signs, for the others to follow. So, you, the player, is tasked with making sure you act fast, set the correct lemming at the right place, to do the right kind of job, so that in the end the entire lemming nation can survive. Also, the cuteness factor has been high with the series, and surely enough, Lemmings 3 is no different than the others, it is still a precious little title that will elicit as many oohs, and that's cute, as ever! Play it, it's looking good, it's easier to control as well and more streamlined, and it packs some really cool new locations, and some new ideas for puzzles. This is the Team Fortress of my time, the one I cut my teeth on, so I surely love it to this day!

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