Little People Farm

Simulation 1992 Dos Manley and Associates Nature simulation Farming

Edutainment for pre-kindergartners

Some might say that Little People Farm is a very simple, almost to the point of being a non game, game; however, when you realize that it was developed for the very earliest of gamers, for 1 or two year olds, say, maybe, 3 year olds, then you realize that through the eyes of a twenty something this almost feels like some sort of bad joke. So, edutainment wise it is all about teaching these very young kids about the names of barn and around the barn items. The silos, cows, sheep, and any other items don't really take you on some journey; nope, it's more of a classic collection of pictures; you can also choose to print any of them, and give them to your kid to colorize. So, yeah, it really is for those kids that haven't yet gotten around to truly interactive games, but it is more of a production that is based around the idea of learning by showing. So, yeah, don't expect an adventure game with edutainment clothes, it's just a collection of printable drawings, and that's about it. If you want action (edutainment style, though!) download Super Solvers, and that one will offer you some actual gameplay too!

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