Lode Runner 2

Puzzle 1998 Windows GT Interactive Reflex oriented Design Tool

Beware! Angry monks out to get you!

Lode Runner 2 is the first game in this fantastic platform series (the first being Lode Runner) to introduce 3D graphics, which was grounbraaking for the series. In Lode Runner 2, you can choose to be a woman or a man, and you play the typical game of cat and mouse, in which you have to avoid angry homocidal monks while collecting gold and making your way to the end of the level. There were separate levels designed for cooperation, as well as Deathmatch in multiplayer mode, so you can mix gaming with hanging with friends. What is great is that the developers have succeeded in making the game look and play better without losing any of it's quality. This is the same fun and great platform game, only with better graphics and more options. Lode runner 2 is played from an isometric view, which will need getting used to, since we are used to play Lode in standard 2D view. Hard core fans might dissaprove, but I hope they will get around their prejudice and reconsider playing it. The visuals really are outstanding and, when used to the side view, the your will really get into it as you always do when playing Lode Runner. The game has very rich texture and design detail and very tasteful coloring. The animation is also very good. The soundtrack is one more reason to enjoy the game because it is also very good and appropriate to the game. I say two thumbs up for this masterpiece!

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