Lode Runner '95

Puzzle 1994 Dos Dosbox Sierra Brainteaser Reflex oriented Arcade style

An update of the original puzzle sidescroller

Lode Runner '95 is a step forward for the Lode Runner franchise. Bringing better graphics to the table, an even bigger array of levels, and more complex challenges/puzzles. The basis of the entire game is a very simple and enticing one: you are trying to get out of each sidescrolling level, and in order to do that, you have to collect keys, solve some of the puzzles that you7 encounter and try to avoid the enemies. While the original made use of 8bit, scarce graphics, this game is much more of a modern game, yet it chose to retain some of the style of the olden game; thus, you still have very limited levels, graphically, with not a lot of fluff in them. Each level has a certain color as a theme, and therefore, the game offers you a very cool, colorful experience, one that looks amazing. You can also shoot, with bombs, larger or smaller, drill holes, thus trapping monsters and you can also set other booby-traps, yet again in order to thwart the enemy attacks. Great update of the original, so do download it!

Lode Runner continues to rock

Commonly known as Lode Runner: The Legend Returns, this is another great addition from this great famous platform game series. It is still the same cool game in which you have to climb ladders, pick up valuable items, all the while avoiding murderous monks that stand in your way by digging holes or other maneuvering. There are now new items that could be used as a distraction, like snare traps, incapacitating sprays, jackhammers and many more. Control your favorite hero in 150 new exciting levels in both day and night settings, and there are also 30 duo-player levels. There is a great level editor for endless fun. What more can a fan want? The game's graphics are very much improvede, and Lode is faster and more agile than before. That said, this is a great continuation of the game's classic, and you shoud be sure to play this game and the various sequels, like Lode Runner Online: The Mad Monk's Revenge and Lode Runner 2.

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