Puzzle 2001 Windows Robin Burrows Reflex oriented Design Tool

A Pipes like inspired game, but with hexagonal tiles

Baroll tasks you with making sure that you transport a number of barrels from their starting position to their final destination, which differs with every new level. In order for the barrels to move properly you have to lay the ground in front of them, the hexagonal pipes that the computer keeps on giving to you. However, because each tile is a different shaped jig, you have to be very careful how you select them, so that you will construct a proper road for them, that takes into account curves and so on. As you might have noticed, it is a similar game to Pipes, but it also shares some ideas with games where you connect dots in a particular fashion. As a puzzle game it's a nice, linear one, for those moments where you don't really feel like being truly challenged intellectually, but would still want some level of choice. Plus, graphically, Baroll is a pretty nice game also, delivered in cool colors that pertain to the SVGA standard, so, yes, the pixel count is high and the colors are beautiful and vibrant. Definitely worth the download!

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