Microsoft Entertainment Pack: The Puzzle Collection

Puzzle 1997 Windows Microsoft Brainteaser Reflex oriented Math or logic

Bundle of 10 minigames initially developed for Win 98

Man, the good old days when Microsoft used to charge extra for their entertainment bundles! Wow, those were the days! So, yeah, this used to be a pack that could be bought separately, to be installed on your new win 98 machine. It contained a bundle of puzzle games, mostly, puzzle games that were coproduced with the help of none other than Alexei Pajitnov, the Russian genius who came up with the design of Tetris. Within the bundle there are logic games, speed games, games that ask you to line up things, games that ask you to recognize colors, etc. They're mostly minigames, simple, to the point and highly replayable. My favorite of them all is a game called Mixed Genetics, a tile like game, though a very good one. At any rate, if you want to see what Microsoft though to be deserving of quite a few bucks, download and play it. In all frankness, the bundle sure is worth it, especially if you want games that are specifically designed to run windowed and to take very little of your PCs resources. And they're compatible with Win7 as well, which is nice. (run them in Win XP compatibility just to make sure). Oh, and alternatively, go for Microsoft Pinball Arcade for another great timewaster form Microsoft!

Great puzzle pack

Microsoft Entertainment Pack: The Puzzle Collection is a compilation of puzzle games developed by Mir-Dialogue and published by Microsoft Games. A fun fact about this pack is that some of the game included were designed by none other than Alexey Pajitnov, the creator of the famous Tetris. The pack contains 10 puzzles games and each of them are fun in their own way. The games included are the following: Fringer, where you need to untie some knots before one of the is pushed to the bottom of the screen, Finty Flush where you need to make a predetermined combinations of marbles, Mixed Genetics, which is what the title suggests, Rat Poker, a fun little game with rats but it's really hard to explain, Lineup which is basically similar to one of them shape lineup Tetris kind of games, Jewel Chase where you need to steal as much loot and then exit, Color Collision where you need to hit colored disc with the corresponding colored ray, Charmer where you charm snakes, Spring Weekend, a fun little rotating puzzle and finally Muddled Casino, which surprisingly has nothing to do with casino games.

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