Stone Age

Puzzle 1992 Dos Dosbox Stonehenge Soft Art Brainteaser Reflex oriented Arcade style

Good puzzle, great graphics

It is pure puzzle game which is filled with a strategic and decisions making scope. The plot here is that you will have to move a dinosaur in a cave and make him reach the exit at every level. The exit point is not that easy to reach because you have to deal with a lot of blocks on which you will move the dinosaur and the blocks have their varied nature and dynamics. Some of the blocks are the ordinary ones and the others are moveable. Some of them will crumble if you move the dinosaur on them. The blocks with the colored keys are the blocks that will be used to unlock the colored locks that match the colors of the key. There are two modes in the game and one is tougher than the other. The tougher mode will basically give you a little time to escape the cave and if you don't, you lose your life. The game has some very inviting level designs and the interface in it is also very inviting because it allows you to grip all the gameplay elements very easily. The A1 is also good and the game is overall addictive. You might also like to play Pipe Dreams which is intuitive and thrilling.

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