London Racer: Police Madness

Racing 2005 Windows Akella Car and action City race Action based

The cops are on your tail!

The London Racer franchise has racked up a number of cheap and cheerful driving games over the years, including Destruction Madness and World Challenge, and as long as you don't expect too much from them, they provide some rough entertainment. This one, however, is a little too much on the rough side to provide anything more than passing fun as it suffers from a few too many issues. This time around you're playing as the cops and it's your job to find and arrest anyone driving erratically or who is even so much as thinking about street racing. The game is sort of like a more advanced version of Chase HQ, as here you'll get to hang out of your window, popping off shots at street punks as they tear away from you, or use scanners to identify potential perps. You've got access to an array of gear, including the aforementioned weapons and scanners, as well as traffic cameras to provide you with more info on your surroundings. While Police Madness could have been a great little spin on the traditional driving experience, offering as it does a very different perspective, unfortunately it commits one big cardinal sin which prevents it from living up to its potential. Although the game offers a decent sense of speed and is very easy to pick up and play, it's actually rather dull. Much of the gameplay simply involves driving around and scanning cars only to find that they offer no threat. You then drive on to the next one with the same result until eventually finding a chase to get involved in. It's just not enough fun to warrant spending too much time with.

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