The Italian Job

Racing 2001 Windows Codemasters Car and action City race Action based

What am I supposed to do with the doors?

Taking its inspiration from both the classic movie of the same name, and the seminal driving game that is Driver, this is a solid but uninspiring racing game that isn't quite as much fun as it should have been. It's also dated quite a bit now, so unless you're truly into that early 2000s look and feel, you won't be missing much if you skip this one. It loosely follows the ideas and story of the movie, with the player in the role made famous by Michael Caine, Charlie Croker, as you race around various locations, including London, the Alps and Turin, while taking on various missions which will take you closer to the four million dollar prize waiting at the end of it all. You'll race around the city and rural environments, boosting cars, and avoiding the police and the mafia, while taking to the wheel of a variety of vehicles, including the iconic Mini Cooper S, as well as 4x4s and even a coach. The appeal here is the outlandish nature of the chases, as you'll find yourself leaping off roofs, through sewers and other such unusual places, and there's no denying that for a while at least, this is quite fun stuff. It's deliberately very simple in terms of controls and it's certainly very accessible, with just a few buttons to worry about, and because of this, you can just concentrate on racing about to your heart's content. The missions are quite samey, but the unusual nature of the chases adds much to the entertainment factor, so although this does look quite dated and might be a bit too simple for some, there's still some fun to be had here.

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