Have a N.I.C.E. day!

Racing 1997 Windows Magic Bytes Shoot em up Car and action Action based

Combination of brawler with racing and tons of testosterone!

Have a N.I.C.E. day! Is a combination type deal, but the focus is mainly on the racing bits of which the game packs more than any of the other on foot action sequences. Anyway, you are a real badass, all tattooed, testosterone running through your veins and that entire Duke Nukem gig, and the world is 3D, a nice but blocky 3D, but the kind that I really love, where buildings pop in and out of existence as you approach them! I don't know, I just love this kind of rock and roll feel of the 3D engine, it's greasy, none too interested in smoothing things out and very befitting for the man getting the job done kind of deal that the game serves! The driving, as I said will make most of the game, and so the developers seem to have put a bit more man hours into it, and it is satisfying enough, though I must say, the cars you'll be driving rarely spiral out of control. But, what can I say, I kind of love this feel of cars running as if on foot, the not so sliding and over steering feel of pure racers, though as I said, it's all due to the very rock and roll nature of the game, in any other game this would have been out of place, just a botched mechanic. So, it's pure rock and roll in game form, badass of the 90s, be a man or get out deal, Love it or hate it, it sure is delightful for some! Get your fix here!

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