Muscle Car 3: Illegal Street

Racing 2003 Windows Global Star Software Car and action City race Action based

Race some pure American bolides!

Muscle Car 3: Illegal Street knows what the name of the game is: flashy muscle cars, great racing tracks set in vistas such as Chicago, Bangkok, or Rome and a game mode that allows you to progress towards bigger, meaner street racers. However, the racing is not your relaxed Friday stroll, nope, it's all about illegal racing and about cockiness taken to the next level. So, expect to have the police after you, as it does in Hot Pursuit, or, if you want to align yourself with the pigs, go on and do it, the option is available as well. Thus, whether you'll be playing on the side of the regular racers or would rather like to be on the other side of the fence, and drive your police vehicles trying to ram the illegal drivers, the options are all there. Graphically the game is colorful, kind of abuses the cool illumination effects, though not extremely (though the game flashes, blooms, irradiates light all over and so on). I kind of like it, as a not too serious simulation game, but as a laid back arcader, though I don't feel it will remain on my machine for too long. But, for what it's worth, it's worth a shot, for sure.

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