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Roll those dice!

This is an unusual little adaptation of a real world dice game, which although it sounds complicated on paper, soon turns out to be pretty easy to pick up and which is actually quite fun. It's obviously better in multiplayer so if you can grab a few friends when you fancy a bit of light gambling action, this makes for a good time. The rules are basically as follows: each player grabs 5 dice, rolls them, then choose two pairs and add up the spots. The pairs give you points, while the fifth dice determines the end of the game. The goal is to score as many points as possible before the end but you can only choose three different numbers for the fifth die throughout the game. Once three different die have been rolled, you then have to choose one of them for the rest of the game. That's basically it for the game, but there's a few extras like free rolls and stuff and which are soon explained. As far as dice rolling games go, this is a pretty decent one, as long as you can get those friends together, as otherwise it turns out to be a bit sad playing against the computer for bragging rights. Although the rules are simple enough, there is quite a bit of strategy required in order to emerge victorious, although as dice are involved, you also need Lady Luck on your side. Apart from the picture of a strangely happy Einstein which greets you when you fire up the game, the visuals are about as basic and unexciting as you would expect but if this doesn't put you off, there's a good game to be found here.

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