Take It Easy

Strategy 2000 Windows Board games

An above avergae board game

It is a typical strategy board game which involves the use of figures and numbers and a variety of tiles which you need to place on the board to correspond with the numbers. Well the game need a lot of explanation in order for you to understand it but all of that explanation has been well incorporated into the UI so that it won't be a problem for you to understand. Well the game is not a top classic of this category because I find the theme to be more complex then entertaining and this takes away the fun factor. Arranging tiles according to strategies and numbers is a very common thing which has been seen in many games but you can say that it is somewhat different. You can enjoy the game with your friends off course because they have incorporated multi player options. The player with the highest score after 4 rounds will be the winner. The variety in the gameplay is actually the variety of the board game itself which you will learn when you play this game. The graphics are good and the level designs are also great. Aya is a better game if you go with my suggestion.

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