Bet on Soldier: Blood Sport

Action 2005 Windows Brigades Role playing Military FPS Shooter action

Annoying with unnecessary features

Bet on Soldier: Blood Sport is a first-person shooter game with a science fiction theme. I really thought this 2005 game will surprise me in a good way but it failed completely at this aspect. I had high expectations from it because most of the releases from that time were awesome, especially the first-person shooters. I don't know, something is simply wrong with this game that totally annoyed me and left me a bad taste in my mouth. The voice acting was terrible, but at least it amused me a bit. Another aspect that was uncalled-for was the feature to pay even to save the game! What the,,,duck? And you will not only pay for this, but for the weapons, armor and repairing stuff. Your comrades are stupid, and I also found the weapons dull. I think that some additions are unnecessary, beside the paying thing. For example, I don't understand why this game allows to protect your armor from being damaged and to hire an engineer to prevent this, helping you. I think this was an additional stress, giving the fact that you also have to protect him, as if avoiding being killed by enemies wasn't enough. But what do I know, right? Well, as a conclusion, I will recommend this game when you don't have anything interesting to do, but keep in mind that you won't get back the precious time spent on it!

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