Shrek 2 Team Action

Action 2004 Windows Activision Cartoon Role playing

Guess who's back?

As with any popular movie, particularly kids ones, the computer version is never far behind, but what's surprising here is that this isn't the first version of Shrek 2 that PC gamers had access to. This one is actually a port of the console version, as the original was very different, being a stripped down version that was more accessible to younger gamers. This one is basically a 3D platformer, like Croc or Spyro, but which follows the plot of the immensely popular animated film and which features all the much loved characters. The plot sees Fiona and Shrek traveling to her homeland in order to get her parents' approval for their wedding, but Shrek being an ogre, it's not going to be that easy, and he's going to have to complete a number of quests if he wants to marry his sweetheart. This translates into a standard 3D platformer, but with the added difference that you can switch between characters, in the style of LEGO Batman and other such titles, as they each have their own unique skills. Team Action isn't a bad game, and if you are a fan of the movie, then there's much to enjoy here. The visuals are sharp and stylish, bringing the movie to life quite well, and there's certainly some pleasure to be had from controlling the various characters. Added appeal comes from the rhythm games and other such activities, with the base gameplay being simple enough, but quite enjoyable, especially if you're part of the target audience. It's not a game which is going to last you forever, but while it lasts, this is a solid romp.

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