Ys: The Oath in Felghana

Action 2005 Windows Nihon Isometric Role playing Adventure Fantasy Rpg

YS is back and better than ever

The Ys series is one which has seen a lot of changes through the years and yet stands comfortably alongside RPG classics like Phantasy Star and Zelda. The entry is a reimagining of the superb third game in the series, Wanderers From Ys and is definitely worth seeking out whether you're a franchise fan or a newcomer. The story here is fairly complex, with a couple of typically bonkers heroes embarking on an epic quest to save the land from rampaging monsters, while also getting caught up in political conspiracies, ancient legends and other assorted fun. In gameplay terms, this is a slick action/adventure RPG, which mixes in Metroid/Castevania-style exploration in a pseudo 3D world and which features plenty of exciting combat and screen filling boss battles. This game is actually a perfect jumping on point for newcomers as the linear storyline doesn't really require previous knowledge of the game world and background but introduces many elements in an accessible manner. It's also pretty simple to get into, with a great emphasis on action and adventure, with easy to learn mechanics that get you into the nitty gritty of tings in no time at all. While many purists might prefer the charm of the original version of this game, there's no denying this update makes for an entertaining time. The visuals are sharp and attractive, with cool environments and characters and which pack a lot of personality. The gameplay itself is pretty straightforward but rarely less than enjoyable so if you want a nice bit of action/RPG fun, this is for you.

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