Lula Flipper

Adult 1999 Windows CDV Puzzle based Interactive

Lulas pinball game

This game is a pinball sim with a Lula inspired theme. For those not in the know, Lula is a series of adventure games, mainly, though it also features quite a few other spinoffs, like this game here. The gameplay is quite simple, trivial pinball, with not half bad mechanics. There is little diversity though, as the game doesn't feature too many tables and doesn't try to create a very polished game. The tables are thus quite bland, with little extra punch and little extra zones. The nude pictures of Lula can't really keep your attention for too long though they do convey the epicness of the character and her many talents , as even the Microsoft based SpaceCadet game offers more diversity in gameplay. At any rate, for a cheap trick spinoff, this is what you can expect. So, I'd say, play this for a few minutes if you're really interested to sample the Lula game world, but otherwise don't expect too much out of it. There are so many more pinball games out there lots more fun, as Epic Pinball, to name just one good example.

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