Mach 3

Arcade 1987 Dos Dosbox Loriciels Vertical shooter Flight shooter

Racer/shooter in a graphically shoddy presentation

In Mach 3 you will be tasked with racing at the helm of a modern/futuristic space craft. The spacecraft, while able to soar through the ski, is however bound to do it next to the ground. At this level, the game is not too complex, quite on the contrary, you can steer left, right, up and down, within the bounds of the screen, and also shoot and dodge the enemies that come your way. However, the game sports no more than 3 to 4 colors at one time onscreen, and one of the predominant colors is a very nasty, vibrant pink/light magenta, which makes this game look absolutely nasty and hard on the eyes. In any case, the game can be played, if you love those fake 3D front facing advancing flyer/racers, but the game really does not do the genre justice. He enemies are very scarcely drawn with very few intermediary animations, and the missiles thrown at you, at times, create the same problem of telling how far away they are. Thus, unless you really love the genre, I would advise against this one. A game like Tyrian 2000 will make a much better companion for your 2D shooting and flying craves.

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