Scud Attack

Arcade 1991 Dos PLBM Games Vertical shooter Flight shooter

Standard Missile Command clone

Another clone of a classic arcade game from PLBM, like Ack-Ack Attack, Scud Attack is rather similar to Missile Command or other clones like DefCon 1, and while it is fun, the sheer number of similar games around makes it difficult to recommend this one. In terms of gameplay, this is pretty much identical to the previously mentioned games, with players in control of three missile batteries and who are charged with defending their cities from incoming attacks. Attacks come in waves of ever increasing difficulty, but you only have 45 missiles to defend your cities in each wave, so accuracy is vital for success. To destroy incoming missiles in simple enough and requires a simple mouse movement and button click to achieve your aim, but as you continue, missiles come faster and thicker, adding to the challenge. With nothing in the way of narrative, this is a pure high score game, with points awarded for successfully defending your cities and for how many missiles you have remaining. One twist on the game is the fact that your missiles vary slightly according to which base they come from, differing for example in their speed, but in all honesty this makes little real impact. Scud Attack is a perfectly acceptable little timewaster but in no way does it improve on its original inspiration, Missile Command. The graphics are just as basic, despite many years having passed between the two games' releases and there are no real changes to the gameplay. It is still quite fun blasting missiles from the sky but the fun wears thin pretty quickly and this is unlikely to be a game you return to very often.

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