Xenon 2 Megablast

Arcade 1989 Dos Dosbox Bitmap Brothers Vertical shooter Flight shooter

The role model of flight shooter games

Much like Raptor or the original Xenon, Xenon 2 is a great vertical flight shooter game that requires no special ability or brain activity except moving very fast across the screen and shoot at the enemies that go at you, while, of course, staying alive and well. There is a story line behind this game, but that is hardly relevant, since you will playing the game for the sheer action this old school game provides - and abundantly so. Every few hundred meters or so you will find very useful and powerful powerups that will make you faster and stronger, and there are bosses to kill at the middle or end of the level. While in no way original, this game stands out from the rest for its at the time fantastic graphics and catchy music, and both are the reasons this game is remembered so fondly even decades after its initial release. The game is a no-brainer, just action and fun, fun, fun. The game is absolutely perfect in every way and there aren't many games even today, that can compete with its quality. Highly, highly recommended!

Try it now

I totally fell in love with it nearly 20 years ago .even going to the extent of buying an upgrade graphics card from ega to vga .Bearing in mind that a standard VGA card was over £400 back the .IT was my first ever PC a crappy 286 and i loved it .But it was xenon 2 that i blame for my obsession even now it's still so playable 'you won't regret it 'but if its too hard cheat by pressing F7 ithink at startup .it has been a long time and i'm 50 now but don't let that bias you .I can't be bothered to get technical Just try it whats to loose ?

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