Arcade 1997 Windows Dosbox Wildcard Design Vertical shooter Flight shooter

Axial movements is what it's all about!

Axia is a space shooter, based around a cool and simple premise; since the game is 2D, top down, all you really need, to control your ship is an axially rotating type of control, and a button to shoot! And the game has those two ideas, and a lot of baddies, and a space shooter game that is never too diverse or too intricate, yet it works really great. At the start of each mission you get very scarce weapons, but you will soon get upgrades. But they stay with you only until you are taken out by the enemy. So, at the later stages, if you lose a plethora of advanced weapons, you will have a bad time keeping the fight on. But, play the game with your eyes peeled, learn the ways from where the enemies will spawn and you will find that the game turns to being a lot easier to sink into as you go on. All in all, though, it is a point gathering, space shooting, space gallery, so don't expect more than that. That's the promise, and that's what is delivered, so keep your expectations within that limit and you're going to be alright. A good alternative can also be G-Darius, fast, 3D, colorful, really modern forward scrolling shooter.

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