NFL Pro League Football

Sport 1989 Dos Dosbox Micro Sports Inc Football Tournaments

Very detailed American football manager

They year is 1989 but that did little to hold this game back! This is a very complex American football management game, in which the amount of details and options is really staggering. I mean, in how many such games can you control the weather?! Well, that amount of detail and the of the time graphical presentation can also be considered problematic, since you'll always have to fiddle in a new menu screen, and it can get a bit confusing and problematic, since the menus are rather dull. But, if you want to take a look at the games, while they take place, you can do that too. The speed of the games is variable, so you can watch them in real time (alright in a matter of minutes actually, not for the real world duration of the game!) or very accelerated. In the accelerated mode you will be prompted when something may ask for directions. Thus, simulating both the strategic and the economic exchanges of the game plus the team management and in game coaching, the game is quite comprehensive. As I said, though, it can be a bit underwhelming graphically, but that is to be expected from such games. Instead, you might want to try the expanded NFL Pro League Football (1995 version) which ups the graphical ante but also brings in more multimedia content.

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