NFL Football

Sport 1992 Dos Distinctive Software Football

Real time NFL football game; fast and well executed

NFL Football is one of the few early games that tackle American Football, in real time only, and manages to produce a good result. Thus, the action in the field is absolutely great, and the execution of the phases of the game is seamless. The 2D animations and field are reminiscent of the simplicity and beauty of games such as Actua Soccer, but for the most part, NFL Football is just great, plays oh so well, and the controls are just well done, without no issues. Also, on the plus side, there are 30 teams to choose and pick from, which give you a really nice look into the game, and will definitely keep you playing for days. The arcade feel of the action is also well balanced. The AI, depending on the level of difficulty you choose will play harder or will allow you more time to just think of a strategy, but for the most part it acts realistically, within the confines of what the graphics engine can provide. So, give the game a go, and you'll find it does a beautiful job of it all, more so than even more recent NFL tackling behemoths.

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