NFL Pro League Football 1995

Sport 1995 Dos Micro Sports Inc Football Tournaments

Football coaching game, good fun

It is a coaching simulator in which your only role will be manage the team and the players rather than being part of the action. So what you have to do is to manage the team, trade and train players, arrange matches and make all provisions to ensure that the team does well on the field. You can either play against in the computer in league matches or do the action in the exhibition matches which have a bit of increased toughness level. You can select any team from 1960 onwards to 1995 and all the teams have been accurately modelled in terms of their uniforms. The color schemes of the uniforms have also been depicted accurately and you have a lot of trading and drafting options. The game has a very well made user interface which is not obscure at all and is simple to interpret. The graphics in terms of both the interface and the real time on field action is very good and really indulges the user into the gameplay. The controls are also fine and the level designs are not repetitive. Another game which you should give a shot at in this genre is NFL Football.

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