Populous 2

Strategy 1991 Dos Dosbox Bullfrog God game or micromanagement Myth and legend Real time Managerial

A great God style game

Populous the first had definitely produced a rip tide in gaming history, putting forth to the player all the elements that would come to be named as a G! The initial idea of the game was to offer the player the tools to interact with human beings directly, and have a lot of power. However, that power was derived from either fear or love, and thus, you were forced, in each of the game's square based map, to take decisions that might not have been the easiest to take. You could transform the land, bring in natural disasters, build, or destroy, whatever you wanted. The in inhabitants would then have reason to either hate or love you, but the idea was to be consistent. The second game keeps the recipe almost unchanged, yet it offers you a lot more in terms of graphic quality, with much better animations, more advanced imposed perspective 3D and also with lots of additional elements, from tiles to disasters or miracles. A definitive upgrade for the series, lots more playable than the first. Download it!

Defeat other deities to meet your father, the mighty Zeus

Brought to us from Bullfrog, one of the best game developing companies in history, comes Populous 2, a fantastic strategy game that the second installment in the game series. While other populous games are not determined regarding the ruling deity, Populous II is concentrated on Greek mythology. The gameplay is a trademark to the series - you are a demi-god, an offspring of Zeus and have to defeat all other deities to finish the game and be let in to Panthon on Olympus. There are 30 deities, the game sports ahead-of-its-time graphics with an isometric viewing system that makes the game very nice to look at. The gameplay is as fun as it it with the other Populous games and the back story is really interesting and gets you really motivated to play the game until the very end. Both fans of the strategy genre in general or Populous fans will be thrilled with this Greek manifestation of the classic Populous game.

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