Puzzle 2001 Windows Bigben Interactive Hex or tile based Indie Simulation Mah jong strategy Casual

Addictive little time waster

Despite the name, this isn't technically a mahjong game. Instead it offers puzzle fans the opportunity to engage in what is actually mahjong solitaire, a single player version of the classic tile-based game. The goal of this little puzzler is deceptively simple: player start with an arrangement of 144 tiles, each with a distinctive pattern, and must remove them by matching open pairs of symbols until there are none remaining or until there are no matching opportunities remaining. As tiles from the upper layers are removed, they exposed those on lower layers, opening up more possibilities for matching. This computer-based version adds in a timer to increase the pressure and challenge for confident or expert players, while other included features such as hints, undo and redo are also available for those frequent moments when you get stuck and just can't see the way forward. Mahjong retains the simple appeal of traditional Western solitaire, in that it requires no great understanding of complex rules, but is always challenging to play, creating a game in the best tradition of puzzlers like Hexy and which provides that elusive one-more-go quality.

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