Puzzle 1993 Dos Soleau Software Hex or tile based Challenges

Push the faces, solve the puzzle

Facetrex is another effort from the one man band that is Soleau Software, best known for classic puzzlers like Antrun and Bolo Adventures. This one isn't perhaps quite as enthralling as some of the other efforts from the developer, but it maintains the sense of cleverness and fun that typifies much of its output, and which thus makes it well worth a look. As with all the best puzzlers, like Klax and Emotion, the goal here is simple and as you might expect, revolves around the concept of faces. The player is presented with a 2D board upon which can be seen your controllable character and a series of portraits, in both positive and negative form (i.e. with and without colours). Your goal is simply to move your character around the board so that he pushes the positive images onto the negative ones, thus completing the level. There are occasional blocks dotted around each level to push the faces onto, while you also have to make use of the faces themselves to help you in your task. There are 25 head scratching puzzles included here, all of which require careful planning and application of logic to solve and if you're into Sokoban, then you should find this right up your alley. While Facetrex is perfectly well done, with plenty of truly testing little puzzles to keep the old grey matter challenged, when compared to the Bolo Adventures series, it does seem a little thin. There are none of the extra elements found in these other games to mix things up so while the gameplay is fun, it never really changes that much, making this a lesser alternative to this other classic series.

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