Puzzle 1993 Dos Dosbox Argo Games Hex or tile based

If its got to be war, then let it be hex based!

Hexxagon is a neat puzzle game that is waged against an AI or human opponent, simulating a fight between equally endowed sides. The armies are symbolized by the hexagonal gems and the game shares some elements with Checkers, though it uses its own rule set. At any rate, each player takes turns to move a gem and the idea is to place a gem in a hex close by your enemy's hexes. The winner is the one that manages to overtake all the hexes of the opponent, thus driving his pieces out of the table. If you are playing against the computer, each new game can be more difficult than the last one, but you can't select the difficulty level, though there is variation in how smart the computer can play. At any rate, this game is a nice war like abstraction games, this can be a nice one to try out, and, also I do advise you give Sokoban a try, it too is a nice board game, highly abstracted as well, and I would say, more difficult and challenging than this Hexxagon title. But then again, if you like more laid back board games, it sure can give you your money's worth!

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