Puzzle 2000 Windows Hex or tile based Strategic scope

Hex for Windows PCs!

Take the original idea of the oldie Hex that ran smoothly on DOS compatibles, dress it nicely and tidily enough to run on Windows natively (at least on Win 95, 98, and XP) and go with it: it will produce great results, play just as nicely, and offer you that very same dose of turn based, hexagonal puzzle, arcade strategy fun it has always offered. As such, Hexy is just the same classic, but it has gotten a bit of a more palatable and fashionable set of clothes, and also, it has gotten just as nice a set of additions and adaptations that make it so much better and so much interesting. At any rate, if you've ever played Chinese Checkers you will almost have a deja vu with this one, as the rule set is somewhat similar. Surely, not entirely the same, but similar enough. The game, basically, simulates a minimalist conflict where taking up the board, while making sure your pieces are not vulnerable to attack is what counts. All in all, well produced, runs in a window and works great on Windows platforms. For Win 7, make sure you set the executable to the Win XP notch.

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