Maker's Matchup

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God-themed card flipping

If you've played the likes of Davidic Matchup, Moses Matchup and Christmas Matchup, all from the same developer, Godly Games, and fancy a bit more religious-themed matching fun, then this should be right up your alley. Anyone else though, might be advised to look elsewhere for their entertainment. This one is pretty much exactly the same as all its other brethren and is basically a variation on that classic game of Concentration, where you have to flip over cards, memorizing their position with the aim of finding matching pairs. Up to three players can join in here and if you have to play the game, multiplayer is definitely the way to go as it is infinitely more enjoyable when experienced in this fashion. The key difference between Maker's Matchup and traditional versions of Concentration is that this one, like the other games in the series, is religiously-themed, with God and Jesus forming the inspiration here. All of the cards have short passages on them, related to the theme and which are intended to educate and inform players about various parts of the Bible. Games don't get much more niche market than this and you probably know whether you want to play it as soon as you hear about it and nothing anyone could say is likely to change your mind. Gameplay is pretty simple and hardly challenging for anyone except the very young Bible fan, which is who the game is probably aimed at, so bear this in mind if you do decide to play. Visuals are nothing special either so unless you really need a religious card flipping game in your life, keep walking on by.

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