Davidic Matchup

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It's Concentration, Bible-style

OK, so this is strange. It's part of a whole series of similarly themed games, which includes the likes of Christmas Matchup and Moses Matchup and which are all broadly similar. Each title is a Concentration-style card game, where the objective is simply to match up pairs of cards by flipping them over at random and remembering where the pairs are. If you make a pair, you get to claim the cards and the game can be played by between one and three players, thus turning it into a competitive little experience when played with friends or making it perhaps one of the most pointless things ever if played by yourself. There are also wild cards which can be used to instantly make a pair, which seems like cheating a bit but never mind. That's about it for the gameplay so let's move on to the strange part. The weird twist with this game, and the others in the series, is that it doesn't just make use of a standard deck of cards, or even one containing amusing pictures of ducks or kittens. Instead, the cards here are based around the teachings of David from the Bible, so when you collect one, you can flip it over and enjoy a jolly little quote to warm the cockles of your heart. There are also some delightful images to add to the stories and which serve to bring the Bible to life before your very eyes. The pictures aren't particularly amazing to be honest, lacking in detail and looking like the kind of thing a bored kid might scrawl while in Sunday school, but at least the developers tried. If you're looking for a novelty card game with minimal gameplay or are genuinely interested in learning about David, then this is perfect but otherwise, steer well clear.

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