Manhole: Masterpiece Edition, The

Puzzle 1994 Dos Broderbund Education Adventure Casual Educational

A cool adventure, playable with nice story

Dr Rabbit had made an appearance in a title released back in 88, eponymous with this one here. Thus, The Manhole: CD-ROM Masterpiece Edition is a remake of that original one, a revamp, graphically and even gameplay wise to a degree. The game plays as an educational adventure, but you'd be hard pressed to think about it as your usual, run of the mill edutainment. Because it is not; what it is, instead is a straightforward adventure game whose parts offer a lot of educational material, but none of them are so obvious. Nope, this one wants to be fun in spite of anything else. This one will take you on a journey that seems to have been inspired by Carol Lewis novels, but this is not a pastiche. Nope, just surface elements make it into this game's world, like, for instance the characters, portrayed here only superficially, cartoon style. Also, given the fact that it will take you to a lot of places, you could say that this is a bit of a sage, a saga for kids, when all is said and done. But, if I liked it, I'm pretty sure a toddler or first grader will fall in love with it as well. See Discover Space as well, if you're looking for a great adventure for teens or children that want something a bit more mature.

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