Little Big Adventure

Adventure 1994 Dos Electronic Arts Humorous Cartoon Action Puzzle

A beautiful adventure game

A great game with an even greater sequel called Little Big Adventure 2, this is a fantastic adventure game mainly for children because of its simple gameplay, interesting story line and captivating characters. You are in the footsteps of Twinsen, a young man with prohpetic dreams about the world coming to an end. Soon enough, he is captivated by Dr. FunFrock, who is indeed planning on taking over the world by creating clones of himself and conquering Twinsun. To save the world, Twinsen embarks on a beautiful adventure full of monsters, secrets and puzzles. The game is 3D rendered, in a isometric point of view and a third-person perspective, and Twinsen is controlled by simple keyboard controls. The game is not linear, so you can travel all around the world and do whatever you want, beside performing the quests at hand. The game has very unique design and beautiful visuals. In the CD version, you have full voice acting and video clips, so I suggest you get that one. This is one of the most beutiful adventure series and I recommend it to both grownups and children, since it will captivate both of you and stay in your memories for years to come.

Great for kids

Excellent game! Great for kids and not so little people... The playability is tricky but easy to learn. The history is very well designed and well guided. Some labirynths are a little hard but not impossible... The sequel Little Big Adventure 2 is also a great choice for kids.

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