Little Big Adventure 2

Adventure 1997 Dos Dosbox Activision Science Fiction Humorous Puzzle based Action Puzzle Rpg Casual

The biggest little adventure ever!

The original Little Big Adventure is a cracking game which is both original and imaginative, with heaps of humor and creativity on display. It's a game which is difficult to describe but is a mix of action, adventure and puzzling, all presented in a smart isometric perspective, kind of like an update of classics like Head Over Heels. This sequel continues to the same high standards and is a perfect family experience that deserves to be played. The plot is as bonkers as the first one, with its bizarre mix of strange creatures, visitors from outer space and other strange elements but it all proves quite engaging, probably because of its sheer madness. The gameplay is very similar to the original, and sees the player exploring a much larger world, interacting with various characters and picking up quests and so on, and it does feel sort of like a junior Alone in the Dark. Little Big Adventure 2 really is quite a charming and very unusual experience. At first glance, it doesn't look too great these days, as the visual style is very typical of those early 3D days when the technology wasn't quite up to speed, and the characters and environments do look quite awkward and ugly at times. The environments fare better, although they're still a little blocky, but overall the day does possess a certain charm. The gameplay however is still as entertaining as it ever was, and the mix of exploration and combat is well implemented and rarely less than fun. When you add in the strange plot and memorable characters, you have a fine adventure from yesteryear.

Twinsen saves the world again

LBA 2 (Or more commonly known as Twinsen's Odyssey) is a followup to the very popular game Little Big Adventure, and in my opinion, it is much better than the original. We follow Twinsen, the hero of the last game, in an adventure in two different worlds, battling enemy aliens in their own territory, solving puzzles and rescuing the world once again. This was one of my favorite game in my childhood and I am again playing this game, just for the fun of it! The graphics are much improved than the original and the music is very unique and original. The gameplay is very easy and the controls are extremely simple and can be configured in the settings part of the game. The only thing I could object on is the bad camera placement and you have to keep pressing enter to center it better. The story is not original but is very interesting and the gameplay is very fun and don'be be surprised if you find yourself playing this game to the wee hours of the night. The voice actors are very credible and the design of the game's menu and user panel is very tasteful. In this thrilling adventure you will find a lot of fun, and the game is especially good for preteens because of the non violent gameplay and the fun and interesting story line. Highly recommended!

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