Master of Magic

Strategy 1994 Dos Dosbox Microprose Fantasy Turn based

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An enjoyable fantasy RPG

Master of Magic is a single player, turn based role-playing strategy game a little bit similar to Civilization game. The game is mainly based around a theme of fantasy and mythology, like in Heroes of Might and Magic. There is no storyline or plot prior to the game, so the game will just begin automatically when started. You must first choose your character which range from all different sorts of fantasy themes such as warlocks, wizards, sages etc. Your objective is to conquer the map and all the other players. While the game lacks multiplayer capability, there is a multiplayer mod patch available on the internet. Like with similar role playing games, time can pass you by very quickly and you can find yourself playing for hours. The only real complaint I have is the difficulty of the game even when the game is set on the "easy" difficulty. This is the sort of game that allow you to explore other worlds, build your kingdom, learn new spells and find treasure. The music in this game is great and is very pleasant and calming. An overall very enjoyable game once you get the hang of it!

Fantasy Civilization-style game

Master Of Magic is a turn based strategy game much like Civilization, though with a fantasy theme. Choosing a wizard, the player must build an empire on a randomly generated lanscape and go to war with the rival wizards. There are magic elements to the game also, as you must research ever more powerful spells to damage your opponents or protect your own. It is a very deep game with many twists and features and is regarded as one of the best strategy games of the early 90's, despite being slightly buggy and slow. An epic game.

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